3 weeks


Adobe After Effects


One of the first projects I worked on during my internship at Crowdform was OneTap. A simple app that simplifies the e-commerce check out proces.

Project overview

Before building this project, the idea was to validate it first with potential users to see if there was a big enough interest. For this I made a very simple landing page explaining the product and showing an animated demo of what it could look like, along with a signup form to keep our interested userbase up to date. I tried out a couple of simple compositions and colours for this product before eventually deciding on a classic black since that seemed to fit the app we had in mind best. And with a dotted pattern on top our branding was born. Keeping the key idea of 'quick validation' in mind, there wasn't much time to waste on small design details. Getting the message across in a visually pleasing manner was the goal here.The animated demo was the key element on this page, this way we could easily deliver the idea to potential users. That demo was built with very simple animation techniques in Adobe After Effects.

Eventually we noticed that there was a big enough interest to explore the idea a bit further. A hands on demo was the next thing we built to send around to users so they could have a feel for this product on their own devices. This demo was built on the React framework with a Firebase connection. This project was also where I first started using Styled Components and I haven't stopped using it since.

key learnings

Eventually the product didn't end up getting build, considering Instagram was building this feature themselves (and had launched the idea a couple of hours before Crowdform). But it did show how important it is to validate ideas before moving on to actually building something.