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4 weeks




During the 2018 Open Summer of Code edition our client provided us with a set of health data that we could use to build our project with. What we actually did with that data, was completely up to our team.

our solution

Our solution came in two digital products.

1. The Explorer is an interactive dashboard that allows the user to explore Belgium's hospital data.

2. On top of that we also built The Journey. A data story that follows a fictional character dealing with depression. We built this to raise more awareness around mental health issues, which had a peak in some of the data sets we were provided with. This peak really sparked our interest and we felt like we had to create something valuable to people who are struggling.

project overview

The first 2 weeks of this project were spend doing research to find the most useful datasets, brainstorm about what we wanted to make, challenge our ideas by testing and pitching to different people(yes we even went out on the streets to find a variety of opinions) and learn necessary new skills to build our concept.

Once we knew what we wanted to achieve by the end of the 4 weeks, we started building a number of MVP's that were constantly confronted to potential users which provided us with feedback on what we were doing. On D-Day we pitched our idea to everyone who was interested and were able to have a chat with clients and potential users to find out their thoughts on what we had build.

about the organisation

Building this product was made possible by the amazing organisation behind it: Open Summer of Code and Open Knowledge Belgium. A place where students and coaches of different backgrounds can come together to create impactful open source projects in a number of teams.