3 - 4 weeks


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Cinema 4d


During my internship the guys at Crowdform set me the challenge to make a showreel displaying some of their work for their new website.

project structure

During this project I had a lot of free reign to try out new things and experiment with different techniques like the Cinema4D software. In general we started out with a set of 3 projects to animate. Before even making a single artboard or animation, I did some good old research. Showreels with UI and UX as a main focus isn’t something that you see often so we had to dig around the web a bit to find the right inspiration and see what is possible.

We started out by brainstorming around a scene for each project and then go ahead and draw it out in Sketch. Once that was set up I could transfer the artboard to an Adobe After Effects project with this cool tool called AEUX.

The animation work done for each scene consists of relatively simple techniques in After Effects. Which once again showed that the power in these types of animations can be reached quickly by doing the right amount of preperation and setting up the project before even touching an animation tool.

Once those three projects were animated, we reviewed the footage and realised that we could fit in a couple more scenes to give more character to the reel and get Crowdforms message across even better by showing a wider range of work.

In the end all the animations that made the cut were put into a Premiere Pro project, where some smooth transitions helped create the final product.