6 weeks


Adobe After Effects


For our graduation project me and Greet were presented with the task to create an online solution for an increase in mental health issues with young people.

our solution

Our solution to this problem became a web app platform where people can learn new and healthy habits through an interactive card game approach.

project overview

We spend the first two weeks doing extensive research, since we felt like we didn't know enough proven facts about this problem. After this research phase there was one piece of information that kept coming back as a cause. We noticed that the problem for a lot of these users was a lack of a solid and healthy routine. This realisation is what ended up supporting our entire idea.

Before we began we brainstormed and eliminated ideas until we were happy to go forward with the web app platform that teaches healthy habits. The idea was sparked when we landed on Nir Eyals interesting theories about how certain products like our mailbox and Instagram are very habit-forming pieces of technology. We wanted to use this habit forming approach but for a positive cause, not just to get people addicted to their phones.

Together we started drawing up a lot of wireframes to figure out how exactly we wanted this process to look and feel like for our users. Once we felt confident in these ideas that we had drawn up we could go into designing and building the product.

There are a couple of elements to our platform:

1. Landing Page: The first way people get in contact with our platform is through a simple landing page explaining our product. We choose for a very lively, in your face and colourful branding since this is a product for young people. They should be excited when using the platform, not bored.

2. Question Round: In order to tailor the experience of creating new habits, we added in a couple of simple questions to get to know our users. With the answers we can assign a coach that will help put a face to the problem they need to work on most. This coach will guide them throughout the app. For our MVP we decided to create 3 coaches/persona's to focus on sleep habits, social habits and emotional habits. To make these questions less boring we decided to put in an element of gamification and turned it into a card game with a drag and drop interaction.

3. Platform: Last but not least, the platform itself. This is where users can decide what habit they want to work on and for how long. We decided to leave the time period up to the users since everyone's process is different. Every day for this chosen time period they will get an exercise tailored to their chosen habit.

future add-ons

In the future we would like to add an unlock system to the number of exercises so that there is even more reason to feel excited about coming back to the app.